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We are better off than ever, but our children have more and more problems.

We live in the - richest - most advanced - most democratic - free society we've ever had. All our basic needs are met. We fight for the environment and diversity, but what about our children?

We observe ...

  • increased psychological problems in children and adults
  • insecurity among families
  • pressure and stress in children
  • poor standards of care for our children, which we simply accept

How do people become successful?

The quality of emotional experiences in childhood determine their entire life.
  • Positive experiences in childhood result in mental and physical health
  • Negative experiences in childhood can result in mental and physical health issues
  • Positive experiences in childhood need a strong emotional foundation
  • Negative experiences in childhood can lead to reduced stress tolerance, loss of self-esteem, less self-confidence, less persistence and trust

childcare doesn't work

regular, daily separations from parents during the first three years of life mean stress experiences for the children that are similar to those of child neglect

Which employees do you want?

We all benefit from dealing with people with healthy experiences in their childhood!

If we want to make sure that children get what they need, we must make sure that parents get what they need:

enough time for their children.

Our common responsibility is providing a strong emotional foundation for small children!

As a supporter, what do you get out of it?



in good company

in good company

own reputation

own reputation

You are part of an emotional science-based initiative. You are lobbying for children. You become part of a community of experts and celebrities. You demonstrate your social commitment. You assume responsibility and you are future-oriented.

To live in a positive future
we must make sure to account for
the needs of our children today.